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$ 349
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$ 449
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$ 749
  • On or after September 16

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Sample Justification Letter
If your organization requires more information about the benefits of attending Heartbeat’24, we have created a justification letter template for you to edit and use. Please tailor this letter and share with your team. Need help with this letter? Talk to your Artera Customers Experience Representative.

More Questions?​
Please reach out. Any Arterian is here to support you. Please contact your Artera Customers Experience Representative or email us at Heartbeat@Artera.io.


ARTERA Heartbeat Registration Cancellation
We hope you will join us! Yet, if something comes up, you can cancel your Artera Heartbeat’24 Registration for a full refund (minus a $50 processing fee) on or before August 20, 2024.

If you need to cancel after August 20. 2023, we will work with you to make arrangements.

Please contact us and we will work with you to make arrangements.

ARTERA Heartbeat Registration Transfer Policy If you cannot attend and wish to transfer your registration to another person at your organization, please contact us or click “Manage Your Registration” in your confirmation email. Registration transfers can be made until September 4, 2024. After this date, please contact us to make alternate arrangements.

ARTERA Heartbeat Promotional Waiver
By attending Artera Heartbeat, all attendees hereby grant Artera the irrevocable right and permission to capture their image, likeness and voice in video, audio, and photographic recordings during the conference. Attendees understand and agree that these recordings may be used by Artera for promotional purposes, including but not limited to, marketing materials, social media posts and website content.

Attendees acknowledge that these recordings and materials are the exclusive property of Artera and may be used, reproduced and distributed by Artera without any further consent or compensation to the attendees.

Prohibitions & Permissions
Invitation Scope: Participation in Artera Heartbeat’24 is restricted to health care organizations and their designated partners who have been formally invited by Artera. Individuals representing competing entities, or those attending without prior invitation from Artera are expressly prohibited from attending the conference. Artera reserves the right to remove any unauthorized attendees.

Intellectual Property Rights: All materials provided by Artera or pertaining to Artera Heartbeat’24 (including, but not limited to photographs, videos, presentations, training materials, product information and any other proprietary content) are the exclusive property of Artera. Any use, reproduction or dissemination of these materials without express written permission from Artera and is strictly prohibited.

Enforcement: Artera is committed to protecting its intellectual property rights and will take necessary legal action against any unauthorized use or distribution of its materials, as well as against individuals or entities found to be attending the conference in violation of this policy.